Micha Bergese was useless in school. His artistic life began with an early love for theatre, music and dance. After growing up with a musical family in Berlin, Bergese chose to pursue a life of dancing and started his classical and contemporary dance training in London.

He was soloist and associate choreographer with the distinguished "London Contemporary Dance Theatre" for 10 years as well as director of his own dance troupe, "Mantis Dance Company," known worldwide for its innovative and expressive choreography.

During the late 1980's, Bergese began to draw on his extensive performance experience and expanded into Film, Rock & Roll and Circus Aerialist performances. He has since worked as a director and choreographer with some of the most well-known names in the music world, such as Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Leonard Cohen, Julio Iglesias, and The Pogues. He also directed shows for Princess Stephanie and Naomi Campbell among many others.

In both British and Anglo-American movies, Micha Bergese has created dances and movements for actors. Some of these actors include Peter O'Toole, Daryl Hannah, and Liam Neeson. He also choreographed and appeared in "Interview with a Vampire" with Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, and Kirstin Dunst and directed his own film “Wedekind” for Channel 4 TV with Jerry Hall in her movie debut.

His acting roles include characters in the films, "Company of Wolves" with Angela Lansbury, David Warner and Stephen Rea; "Zina," with Domiziana Giordano, Ian McKellen; and "High Spirits" with Peter O'Toole, Daryl Hannah and Liam Neeson.

Having built up considerable knowledge in these combined fields, Bergese spent two years teaching choreography on BA and MA courses at University of Surrey. During this time, he also created five Circus shows for Fantasia in Germany. In 1991 Bergese received the Toho-Award for the video "Dustbin Dance" (STOMP), in the category "Dance video of the year," for choreography.

With his company "mbp ltd," Bergese produced numerous marketing and product launches, including VW's most ambitious launch in Cannes 1996, Virgin Atlantic's 10 year anniversary, Lord Major Shows for seven years and "Fashion Circus" as part of "Clothes Show Live" in Birmingham. He directed BMW's new 3-Series launch in Sardinia as well as many other car and perfume launches worldwide. In 2004, he directed/choreographed a large-scale aerial spectacle for the "Nordstern Bank" launch in Hamburg.

In early 2000, Bergese also served as artistic director and choreographer for the Millennium Dome Show in London. He directed the show and choreographed 160 dancers, acrobats and aerialists. The show ran 999 times and was seen by 6.5 million spectators. He was also artistic director for the Opening Ceremony of the Millennium Dome, which featured 1000 performers, performed in the presence Her Majesty the Queen and Prime Minister Blair. While working on the Dome project, he conceived and directed "Shaolin - Wheel Of Life," a Kung-Fu Spectacle. Following the ongoing success of "Wheel of Life," he created the contemporary, "Shaolin Kung Fu Masters Live" show. During that time, Bergese also directed Sarah Brightman's "Eden" and the following year, "La Luna," as well as a joint "Scorpions-Berlin Philharmonics" concert at the EXPO 2000. His first production in the millennium and one of his most favorite projects was "The Bridge," an aerial spectacle in and underneath Bern's 45m high Kirchenfeldbrücke. Other projects completed since that time have been shows for "The Red Cross Ball" and the "Disney Kids Awards Opening Ceremony" as well as "The Kingdom Tower Grand Opening Ceremony" in the presence of theCrown Prince of Saudi Arabia. He also conceived and choreographed a stadium spectacle for the King of Bahrain with 3000 performers including helicopter maneuvers, fly-overs, SAS presentations, horse displays, national and modern dancers and 1000 children.

2002 marked a year of new industry exploration for Bergese, that of aerial performances on world renown cruise ships. He introduced the unique feature of permanently installed aerial structures on top deck super liners. Since that time, he has produced nine award winning productions, including the unique aerial spectacle "Moon," for P&O's "Ocean Village" cruises. With over 25 shows under his belt including "Ocean Village" and "Ocean Village Two," Bergese currently continues his Creative Direction with Carnival UK and Carnival Australia. 2008 saw Bergese as Artistic Director for the Naming Ceremony for MSC "Poesia," BBC's "Top Gear Live," and as Choreographer of the Shaolin Monks on NBC's "Superstars of Dance," a competition that won them the Silver medal.

Ongoing is Bergese's work as a Creative Director for Jeff Wayne’s "The War Of the Worlds," the aerial spectacle, "Syzygy" on Carnival Australia's "Pacific Jewel," as well as new work on the "Medieval Baebes" Theatrical show for 2010.

Micha's blending of dance, circus, Rock and Roll or Vaudeville creates a unique theatrical experience. He has conquered the oceans, the air and the earth. Fire, he reserves for his entry into hell.